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Road Rapter offers best in market maintenance and repairs. With our small teams and multi-functional plant we can provide best in market pricing and quality works for your driveway or commercial area.

What we specialise in:

Cracked Road Surfaces, including concrete, asphalt, chipseal - we can engineer something to your requirements

Pot Holes and Aging Driveways

Road Sweeping to drain

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Asphalt Patching

Designed for high stresses

With the demand for larger and heavier vehicles and the introduction of power steering into every vehicle; demand quickly rose for Asphalt surfacing.

Asphalt in simple terms is a thick chipseal where different sized stones are used to get as compact-able surface as possible. Due to its dense nature and flexible structure asphalt is capable of being laid on a large variety of surfaces with great resistance to Cracking.

Asphalt, unlike concrete is ready for traffic almost immediately after compaction and is typically cheaper too. 


Asphalt's key advantages:

  • Superior resistance to power steering and traffic turning stresses - when compared to other bituminous products.

  • Smooth surface that is quiet to drive on and provides a superior quality finish.

  • Typically cheaper than concrete, and can be driven on almost immediately unlike concrete, that can take up to 7 days.

  • Complies with council color requirements. 

  • Some Asphalts have the ability drain water through them, rather than allowing water to puddle on the surface.



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