Road Rapter is a family owned and operated business creating, repairing and maintaining driveways and roads in the Bay of Plenty and Waikato regions. We specialize in Chipseal as we know this to be the most cost effective and flexible product for our local New Zealand conditions. 

If you are looking to tidy up or create a new entrance to your family’s castle or business premise look no further.

We use premium products coupled with the efficiency of smart machinery to provide a fantastic finish at a great price! As leaders in the industry we have lead construction and surfacing projects throughout the north island, watch as we make your driveway puzzlers look easy!

Road Rapter Team.


Our Specialty

Due to New Zealand's tectonic movements and sub-tropical weather it is important to have a road surface that can flex without cracking. Chipseal is the most flexible road surface available and alongside a well planned and executed base course provides for superior waterproofing; the most important factor for road performance.

​Chipseal is safer than all alternatives boasting the best surface texture depth and surface drainage characteristics as a result. 

​The Emulsion (Glue) which we use in our chip-seal not only provides significant reductions to carbon emissions but also boasts significant improvements to flexibility, chip retention and performance in varying temperatures.

As a guide Chipseal is generally a quarter the cost of Asphalt and a fifth the cost of concrete​. It can be constructed in a matter of hours and be ready for traffic immediately.


​Did you know that there are colour requirements for driveways under resource consent? Our Chipseal meets resource consent requirements for peace of mind.


It’s All in the Details

Pot holes destroying your day?

Did you know waterproofing is the most important factor dictating the life of your roadway?

​The earlier you act the less it costs, what starts as a crack will become a pot hole that will continue to grow before requiring major repair!

Cracks are repaired by using a special crack seal machine or in combination with water based sealant to seal cracks deep.

Repairing potholes properly requires a proven process that not only fills a hole, but provides waterproofing and strength back to the roadway.

Check out Road Rapters proven 4 step process above, leaving your driveway looking neat and tidy.


Professional and Reliable

With end to end experience in Road Design, Construction and Maintenance, we are more than happy to help you with your project, big or small.

​We can provide guidance and assistance from the very beginning of the project or a detailed Road Assessment Report for an existing surface.

Our reports are easy to read and provide you with:

An assessment of current condition 

A recommendation for immediate repairs, maintenance and renewal.

A forecast of future works required.

Other important information like lifespan, costs and improvements.

We make it easy to budget and look after your roadway, especially those with multiple land owners sharing the associated costs.

We are specialists in:

  • Chipseal and Asphalt Design 

  • Maintenance Planning and RAMM

  • Inspections and Advice

  • Qualified Engineer


Book a Road Assessment Report today for your existing surface or contact us to assist in the design of your new project, whether it be a driveway, shared right of way or even a 2 lane private road – the Road Rapter team are here to help.