Chipseal Surfacing

The most cost effective solution in roading

What is Chipseal ?

Chipseal surfacing, is the construction of a thin roading surface using a bituminous based binder and cleaned stone for tires to run on. 

Carparks and Commercial

Roads and Highways

Driveways and Right of Ways

Chipseal can be constructed almost anywhere and is already frequently used on, New and existing: driveways, Right of ways, carparks, commercial yards, bike tracks, walkways, roads and Highways.

Chipseal's advantages 

  • As a guide Chipseal is 4 times cheaper than Hotmix (Asphalt) and around 5 times cheaper than concrete; and can be even cheaper for larger areas.

  • Has a long design life, especially on driveways and can last up to 30 years before reseal. 
    If concrete has a design life of 100 years and is 5 times the cost; the driveway can be sealed 4 times reaching 120 years and still be cheaper.

  • Can be constructed in a matter of hours and be ready for traffic immediately.

  • Complies with colour requirements for resource consents.

  • As a flexable surface it allows the ground to move below without cracking.

  • Lower CO2 impact on environment than alternatives.

  • The surface has a deeper texture than alternatives, allowing water to runoff without affecting safety, the deeper texture provides better grip and skid resistance.

A Bit of Background
Chipseal originates from ancient roman times where large bricks or cobbles were placed onto thick oils. 
Modern roads are both more cost effective and easier to construct, capable of supporting larger vehicles at much faster speeds. 
Chipseal surfaces come in a variety of sizes and as a result have a varying range of texture and life span.


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