Maintenance and Repairs

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Asphalt Repairs

For small areas nothing is as cost effective as a well constructed asphalt repair.



Potholes driving you crazy? Usually potholes are in indication of a much larger problem.

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Crack Seal

Crack sealing is an essential part of driveway maintenance helping to prevent larger more costly issues later.

Other Mainteance

From running metal and clearing drains any maintenance your driveway requires we have a solution to suit.

Asphalt Repairs

Designed for high stresses

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Pothole Repair

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Asphalt Repair

Asphalt is the next best thing to chipseal. Primarily used for its smooth surface and appealing black finish, asphalt is ready to drive on immediately and has far more flexibility than concrete. Due to its dense nature and flexible structure asphalt is capable of being laid on a large variety of surfaces with great resistance to Cracking.

Typically cheaper than concrete asphalt is a great option for repairing car-parks and potholes alike. No two mixes of Asphalt are the same and careful consideration is required when choosing the makeup of your asphalt.

For all your asphalt repair needs:

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Pothole Repairs

Options to suit your requirements

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Surface Failure

Requiring repair and re-surfacing


Isolated Failures

Requires small repairs to fix effected areas

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Water Damage

Water is the biggest enemy for any roadway

Potholes are caused by a variety of factors, without early treatment they can grow into costly repairs!

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Crack Seal

Depending on the size and nature of crack there are different options for treatment


Standard Crack Seal

Great for repairing small quantities of cracks a few millimeters in size

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Premium Crack Sealant

Excellent at sealing larger and deeper cracks



Superior for sealing numerous micro cracks and repairing oil damage to Asphalt

Cracks are generally caused by ground movement usually resulting from:

  • Water penetration 

  • Poor quality construction or insufficient strength of base 

  • Aging surface caused by oxidization from the sun and other environmental factors

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